"MONEY IN MIND - Fact or Fiction"

We learn about money whilst growing up. You could hear people talking about it; you had experiences with it; and you watched how your parents and others dealt with it. Those early experiences are in our unconscious mind and determine how you deal with money now, as an adult.  When things are not working for us, we need to change..

In this exciting free workshop, you can

Discover the root cause of your money challenges.

Understand how your subconscious mind works.

Release your blocks of limiting beliefs.

Design your new abundant life with affirmations.

Learn how to use visualisation and the Law of Attraction to create what you want.

Design your new abundant life with affirmations.

Learn how to use visualisation and the Law of Attraction to create what you want.

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email to book, places limited.

People tell me about certain behaviours they have started in the Covid 19 Lockdown, some are good and some not.  If not checked in time, these behaviours can turn into an Addiction, the intention of this ‘Addiction has Purpose’ workshop is to identify them, understand them and how to release them. It is time to make your choice.     

Addiction is a behaviours and all behaviours start out as having a job or purpose. 

·       Addiction is a behaviours and all behaviours start
out as having a job or purpose.

·       You can learn the origins and purpose of your
addiction which can include safety, avoidance, and escapism.

·       You can learn how your early life started patterns
of beliefs about yourself and whether, or not, you are loveable.

·       You will be able to write down the secrets you have
about your addiction.

·       You will discover how to become aware of the limiting
beliefs and change them.

·       You can learn how to accept yourself and grow by
changing what you are saying about yourself inside your own head.

·       You can learn how to release your addiction and
reclaim your greatness.



Course Leader – Joanne Waine, your Workshop Leader.

Joanne is a highly experienced, knowledgeable, motivated, professional Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach, with Hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, CBT and Counselling. Over 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of private clients. 
Now available for workshops.
Come prepared for transformation
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Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® Two-Day Workshop based on Louise Hay’s bestselling book “Love Yourself: You Can Heal Your Life

This world-wide workshop was developed by Louise L. Hay, internationally renowned metaphysical teacher and best-selling author. It has helped many thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives.



  • You can:
  • Identify and transform negative beliefs
  • Release resentments and old emotions
  • Learn techniques for personal healing in all areas of your life
  • Experience a fuller understanding of the power of self-love
  • Learn mirror work, visualisation and the use of affirmations
  • Practise the techniques and welcome more of what you want in your life

This workshop is for you if you are ready to:

  • Learn to Love yourself.
  • Eliminate negative thinking
  • Heal the past and stop sabotaging your life
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Replace self-criticism with self-approval
  • Create a life you love
We know you are going to love this powerful two-day workshop

Working with the philosophies of Louise Hay you will go to a deeper level to release old conditioning, enabling you to welcome in new ideas that will change your life for ever. Here is what participants had to say…

The weekend was life changing for me; I now see everything with fresh, new eyes and know from here it is going to keep growing.
Susan P

I have never had such an intense experience – nor felt so much love. I would recommend a Louise Hay workshop to anyone who wants to take control and have a joyful life.
Sandra B

I never dared dream before that the change would be so powerful. I thank you for lifting me, nurturing me and transforming my life.
Annie F 


Dates: Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th November 2019 at Ashton, Bristol BS3 2LT
Fee: £152 before 3nd November 2019
Book now email: 
For more information and book call: 01234 852930 and 07702469999   
(Venue: 0117 966 1611)
Payment via PayPal to (please pay as friend or gift to avoid expenses)
Please bring your own Lunch, a Mirror, Journal/Notebook and pen.